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That was the Stihl Cutting Edge Award 2020



In 2020, the STIHL CUTTING EDGE AWARD went into the second round: Although the participants were only able to meet and work out their ideas digitally due to the Corona pandemic, they also scored points with our jury in the digital final and impressed with their innovative spirit, competence, and enthusiasm.

That was the Stihl cutting edge award 2019



You want to know what to expect at the STIHL CUTTING EDGE AWARD 2021? We'll show you what went on at the very first STIHL CUTTING EDGE AWARD and what you can look forward to if you make it to the final. What we can already reveal in advance: You can look forward to lots of fun, great experiences, exciting impressions, and real thrills.



Pretty smart

Concentrated knowledge in a confined space - after weeks in a quiet room, the participants of the STIHL CUTTING EDGE AWARD 2019 presented their concepts and impressed the jury and audience with their innovative spirit, competence, and creativity.

For the company and the four jury members from the board and executive levels, the STIHL CUTTING EDGE AWARD 2019 was a premiere and a complete success. In total, more than 45 teams and 113 students from all over Germany, Austria, and Switzerland took part. With so many innovative ideas, it was not an easy decision for the four-member jury. Their conclusion: it was more than worth it. And: again, any time.
 What are you waiting for? Let yourself get inspired by the enthusiasm and submit your idea for 2021 now!